Bassoon in C (15 Keys)

Catalogue number: 5.9

Original name: Bassoon in C.

Type or system: 15 keys.

Maker: Unknown, early 20th century.

Overall size: 1311mm.

Bore: Wing joint: crook receiver - 14mm av. - 16mm; boot joint: 16mm - 26mm; long joint: 26mm - 34.5mm; bell: 35mm av. - 34mm.

Technical description: Four sections of rosewood. Wing joint: 528mm; boot: 448mm; long joint: 604mm; bell: 34.5mm.

Silver keywork mounted by posts and axles without plates. Silver bell rim. Ebonite rollers on F and A flat touches. Keys mounted by post and axles attached without plates. Leaf and needle springs.

Key work and finger holes.

Left hand thumb:

B flat, B, C, harm 1, harm 2, C sharp, D, E flat.

Left hand, first finger:


Left hand, second finger:

T, F sharp trill.

Left hand, third finger:

T, E flat.

Left hand, fourth finger:

C sharp, crook key.

Right hand, thumb:

T, F sharp

Right hand, first finger:


Right hand, second finger:


Right hand, third finger:

T, B flat.

Right hand, fourth finger:

F, A flat.

Inscription: Engraved on crook receiver, boot ferrule, bell ferrule and middle key: “B.S.M” (Birmingham School of Music). D flap guard incorporating “R”.

Faults: Wing joint has split vertically, being repaired with three bolts and four screws. Crook key and key link missing.

Illustration references: See below.

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