Bassoon in C (Dallas)

Catalogue number: 5.8

Original name: Bassoon in C.

Type or system: 21 keys, German system.

Maker: Dallas.

Place of origin: London, first half of 20th century.

Serial number: 2319.

Overall size: 1347mm.

Bore: Wing joint: crook receiver 11.3mm - 14.6mm; boot joint: 15.9mm - 25.5mm; long joint: 24.6mm - 33.9mm; bell: 35mm - 40mm.

Technical description: Bell: 362mm; long joint: 653mm; wing joint: 519mm; boot: 421mm; Number 2 crook by Schreiber & Söhne comes with it, but it is fairly bent; heavy lacquer/varnish.

Linked B, C and D keys. Harmonic 1 and crook key linked to LH3. Low E key linked to crook key. Ebonite key rollers on E flat, low C sharp, F and A flat key touches.

Key work and finger holes.

Left hand thumb:

B flat, B, C, D, harm 1, harm 2, C sharp, crook key.

Left hand, first finger:


Left hand, second finger:

T, F sharp trill.

Left hand, third finger:

T, Ring key giving high B and C.

Left hand, fourth finger:

E flat, low C sharp.

Right hand, thumb:

B flat, low E, F sharp, A flat

Right hand, first finger:

T, C sharp trill.

Right hand, second finger:

T, Ring key giving high G.

Right hand, third finger:

Alt. B flat, G.

Right hand, fourth finger:

F, A flat, F sharp.

Inscription: Stamped on Bell: “SOLE / DISTRIBUTORS / DALLAS LONDON” on front and “2319” on back; stamped at bottom of long joint and boot joint: “2319”. No markings on wing joint.

Cases and accessories: Thumb rest, two cleaners.

Illustration references: See below.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 440 Hz.

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