Bassoon in C (21 Keys)

Catalogue number: 5.5

Original name: Bassoon in C.

Type or system: 21 keys.

Maker: Hawkes & Son.

Place of origin: London, 1903-04.

Serial number: 15585.

Overall size: 1286mm.

Technical description: Four sections in a reddish wood, possibly rosewood with ebonite wing joint: bell: 358mm; long joint: 513mm; wing joint: 471mm; boot: 415mm.

Overlapping touches on B flat, B, C, D keys. Harmonic keys 1 and 2 linked to crook key. Ebonite rollers on B flat, G, F and A flat keys.

Key work and finger holes.

Left hand thumb:

B flat, B, C, harm 1, harm 2, harm 3, C sharp, D, E flat.

Left hand, first finger:

G trill, A flat trill.

Left hand, second finger:

T, F sharp trill.

Left hand, third finger:

T, E>

Left hand, fourth finger:

C sharp; crook key.

Right hand, thumb:

T, F sharp. td>

Right hand, first finger:


Right hand, second finger:

T. C sharp, A.

Right hand, third finger:

B flat, Gtd>

Inscription: Stamped on bell and main joint: “HAWKES & SON / MAKERS / LONDON / 15585”; engraved on boot joint: “EXCELSIOR / SONOROUS / CLASS / HAWKES & SON / MAKERS / LONDON / 15585 / LF"; engraved on bell, boot ferrules, crook receiver and middle key on long joint: “B.S.M.” [Birmingham School of Music].

Playing accessories: Three crooks: two are number two, third is lengthened; cleaning weight; reeds.

Cases, etc: sling, and original case.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 440 Hz.

Repair history: Personalised with some changes made pre-1960.

Illustration references: See below.

Specific usage: Used to belong to Vaughan Allin, principal bassoonist with City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO), when the CBSO were at 60 Newhall St. There is a newspaper at the bottom of the case, dated July 8 1952.

Specific literature references: Boosey & Hawkes archive.

Previous owner: Vaughan Allin. Donated to Birmingham School of Music ca 1960 by Vaughan Allin, principal bassoonist with City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO).

Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 84.

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