Bassoon in C

Catalogue number: 5.4

Original name: Bassoon in C.

Type or system: 15 keys.

Maker: Boosey & Co.

Place of origin: London, 1923/24.

Serial number: 24778.

Overall size: 1282mm.

Bore: Wing joint: crook receiver 12.5mm - 16.5mm; boot joint: 11.5mm - 25.5mm; long joint: 25mm - 33mm; bell: 40mm - 40mm.

Technical description: Four sections of ebonite. Wing joint: 525mm; boot: 417mm; long joint: 598mm; Bell: 352mm.

Modern keywork. German silver keys, crook well, ferrules, bell rim, butt and crook receiver.

Hinged cap on base of butt. Keys mounted by post and axles without plates. Key rollers on F and A flat touches. Overlapping B flat, B, C and D keys. Music holder.

Key work and finger holes

Left hand thumb:

B flat, B, C, harm 1, harm 2, C sharp, D, E flat.

Left hand, first finger:


Left hand, second finger:

T, F sharp trill.

Left hand, third finger:

T, E flat.

Left hand, fourth finger:

C sharp; crook key.

Right hand, thumb:

T, F sharp.

Right hand, first finger:


Right hand, second finger:


Right hand, third finger:

T, B flat.

Right hand, fourth finger:

F, A flat.

Inscription: Engraved on lower bell ferrule: “BOOSEY & Co / LONDON / 24778”; engraved on crook – receiver: “BOOSEY & Co / 24778”; engraved on boot ferrule: “BOOSEY & Co / MAKERS / LONDON / 24778 / L.P. (in oval) / Guaranteed / British Made”; and directly below on body of boot: “Made for / S. Rose & Co Ltd / Bombay”.

Decorative features: D key guard incorporating “B” motif.

Faults: Long joint colour faded with sun. Long joint/wing lock broken on long joint.

Repair history: Keys fitted with new pads and touch plate cork.

Specific literature references: Boosey & Hawkes archives.

Illustration references: See below.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 440 Hz (the ‘L.P’ almost certainly means low pitch).

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