Baritone Sarrusaphone

Catalogue number: 5.12

Original name: Baritone Sarrusaphone.

Type or system: 17 keys.

Nominal pitch: B flat.

Maker: Probably Gautrot, imported by Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co. The “GA” engraved on the bell probably refers to Gautrot.

Place of origin: Paris, c.1868 (based on a comparison with other Rudall, Rose, Carte & Co. serial numbers).

Serial number: 1262.

Overall size: 875mm.

Sounding length: 2485mm; sounding length of crook: 335mm.

Diameter of crook receiver: 12.5mm.

Technical description: Brass, lacquered body. Brass keys mounted on brass posts and axles.

Two brass thumb rests, music lyre receiver with screw, and sling hook ring. Crook receiver with adjustable screw. Crook probably original, one small patch.

Inscription: Engraved on bell: “GA / 415 / RUDALL.ROSE.CARTE & CO. / 20 / CHARING CROSS / LONDON / No. 1262”.

Illustration references: See below.

Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 104.

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