Dr Shishank Shishank

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Associate Professor in Digital Transformation and Operations Management

Birmingham City Business School
+44 (0)121 300 4120

Dr Shishank is an Associate Professor in Digital Transformation and Operations Management at Birmingham City University.

Dr Shishank has a multidisciplinary background with a PhD in Operations Management. He also holds an MSc in International Marketing Management and a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical).

Dr Shishank brings industry experience to his role having undertaken project management position in an oil company before joining the University to pursue his MSc degree. Shishank has led academic/industry collaborations in the sectors including logistics, automotive & aerospace supply chains and e-vehicles. He specialises in providing digital solutions for SMEs adopting Industry 4.0/5.0.

Dr Shishank works very closely with industries and has generated over £1 million in research funding from various research agencies such as Innovate UK, GCRF QR and British Council. His current research on Net Zero Carbon is funded by British Council.

His other research projects are on Digital Transformation of SMEs, Management of Innovation in the era of disruptive technologies in SMEs across the Indian subcontinent by amalgamating Arts Design and Media in STEM domain.

He is also involved in research on Industry 5.0 - a key driver in the economic and societal transitions that we are currently undergoing.

Dr Shishank during his tenure at BCU has designed three new courses, MSc in Global Business Operations, MSc in Metaverse and Digital Leadership and BSc in Digital Business. Shishank has taught on a wide range of courses within the Digital Transformation and Operations Management discipline.

His teaching mainly focuses on Digital Supply Chain, Technology in Logistics, Operations Management both in manufacturing and service industry, Research Methodology, Innovation Management and Open Innovation. He was awarded the Best Lecturer Award for four consecutive years at BCU.

He is the founding member of the India Group at BCU. He works closely with Munjal Birmingham City University Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MBCIE), Ludhiana, India.

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