Dr Kimberley Hill

Dr Kimberley Hill

Visiting Fellow


Kimberley Hill, PhD is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at The University of Northampton. Her research expertise is in social, cognitive psychology and public health, with a focus on how social cognition, decision-making processes and contextual factors mediate health promoting and health-risk behaviours.

An expert in mixed method approaches, Kimberley has worked for the EU-Commissioned Science for Prevention Academic Network, holding positions on the Division of Health Psychology and Social Psychology committees of the British Psychological Society, as well as The European Society for Prevention Research and the Psychologist and Research Digest Editorial Advisory Committee.

Kimberley’s most recent projects have focused on improving the health of those within the nightlife economy, creating substance free spaces across Europe, understanding decision making processes behind Brexit and social factors related to pro-environmental behaviours. Kimberley has also recently worked on a HEFCE-funded project which focused on creating new spaces within Higher Education to safeguard students from violence and hate.

She is a reviewer for a number of publications and has published in the fields of prevention science, health, social and cognitive psychology.

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