George Oguntala

Course Leader and Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering

Dr George Oguntala is a Course Leader and Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering at Birmingham City University. He is the Leader of the Interdisciplinary Research Cluster for Healthcare, Technology and Diseases. He started his career in the electronics and telecommunication industry in 2003, whilst his career in academia started in 2006.

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I am a passionate volunteer and am a reviewer with the UK Research Institute; notable journals including IEEE (IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement, IEEE Engineering Management Review, IEEE Sensors, IEEE Access, IEEE Internet of Things, IEEE Communications Survey & Tutorials), Elsevier (International Journal of Thermal Sciences) among other journals; topical advisory panel member with the Sensors Journal, MDPI, Guest Editor, Special Issue: Sensors and IoT in Modern Healthcare Delivery and Applications, MDPI, professional development mentor with the IET; presenter and technical programme committee member to over 10 academic conferences.


My expertise is in Internet of Things for Smart Home and ambient assisted living, embedded systems, sensors and antenna propagation for sensor antenna design, smart wearables, smart textile and microwave imaging, signal processing and machine learning. I am also interested in the mathematical analysis of biological processes and the mathematical application in solving real-life problems with interest in skin burns and wound healing.

Academic and Professional History

I worked on smart homes using the Internet of Things and physical layer security in wireless HETNETs for robust wireless and satellite communication for connected health as a post-doctoral research assistant with the Future Ubiquitous Network Research group at the University of Bradford before joining BCU in June 2020. I have taught different strands of engineering including electrical, electronics, computer, computing and biomedical both in Nigeria and in the UK.  

I also hold a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bradford; an MSc in Systems Engineering from the University of Lagos, an MBA in Human Resources Management from Lagos State University; and a BSc in Electronics and Computer Engineering.

Projects of note

I am currently working on cancer research – detection of cancerous cells using wearable electronics and smart textiles. In another strain, I am working on mathematics in wound healing.