TV Studio A Features and Specifications

Parkside Mediahouse's largest TV studio is ideal for filming TV programmes or live music recording.

Large, Double-height TV studio

Parkside MediaHouse Studio A 693x462

A double-height studio, it is acoustically treated and isolated from the main building.

TV Studio A uses five HD Sony HXC-D70 Cameras, with the following specs:

  • Fuji XA16x8 zoom lenses
  • 8.0-128mm focal length
  • 6x zoom range
  • Zoom and focus demands on pan bars
  • Vinten Osprey pedestals with Vision 250 heads
  • 3x Autocue 17” prompter screens with hoods

Size  and Stats

2206 sq ft (205 sq m) / 20ft (6.1m) floor to grid.

Access to this studio is via double doors: 2300mm x 2600mm.

Studio floorplansTechnical specificationsBuilding floorplan

Support and runners can be included in hire package

Parkside MediaHouse - TV Production Studios - TV Studio A - Runners

The studio is available for dry or wet hire all year round, with runners available for a small add-on cost.

As we're linked to the University's Birmingham School of Media, we employ a number of student trainee media workers as runners, providing them with excellent experience, and your project with trained and energetic support.

Broadcast-ready studio features

Parkside MediaHouse - TV Production Studios - TV Studiio A Empty

TV Studio A has a double cyclorama curtain with white and black cloths available. The production galleries are also acoustically isolated.

Given the large size of the room, an audience is also possible in this facility.


A combination of dimmer circuits (for tungsten fixtures) and DMX distribution for fixtures with local dimming (for fluorescent/LED fixtures):

  • 12 x 4m hoists rated at 159kg (Uniform Distributed Load), each containing;
    • 4 x 16a dimmer circuits

    • 1 x 32a (5kW) main circuit
    • 4 x 13a main circuits (for intelligent lights etc.)
    • 2 x DMX outputs (double universe)
  • Hoist controller at ground floor level
  • 48 x 16a dimming system (for tungsten lighting)
  • Soco outlets at grid and floor level
  • 18 x 13a outlets distributed by the cyc bar (for LED batons).

Lighting fixtures in grid:

  • Arri 1K fresnel x 12
  • ETC Source four x 6
  • Kinoflo Parabeam 400 x 6

The lighting desk in Studio A is an Avolites Pearl Expert.

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