Parkside Mediahouse Runners help students shape their career


The University’s Parkside Mediahouse employs students as Runners who are able to gain valuable experience they need whilst also earning. Parkside Mediahouse Runners have employed around 60 students over the last 2 and a half years. Resulting in a total of 2,446 hours of paid work completed with commercial clients.

The majority of runners are from the School of Media, as well as a growing number from the School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment (CEBE).

Around 18 Graduate Runners have been employed within the industry.

A total number of 22 student Runners were employed on film sets such as Kingsman, Spielberg film and American Exocism.

Out of the 15 current Runners pool, 5 have been employed in the industry as a direct result of being in the Pool.

Graduate, Andy Mcneil, studied Film Production Technology BSc (Hons). He worked on a 7 Wonder TV production, since then he has been working freelance as a camera assistant. Andy first got involved in Parkhouse Media Runners after receiving an email advertising for new runners to join the pool. After applying straight away he then went on to an interview, and then a job working in the media house.

 “I gained many valuable experiences whilst being a part of Parkside Media Runners, such as developing my technical skills with different crews using the facilities, being part of a very friendly, professional team, and learning from industry professionals, especially Hilary Weston Jones, the head of the runner’s pool and Production Manager at the Parkside Mediahouse, who guided me the whole way through my time as a runner.”

Andy is now currently working as a freelance Camera Assistant in TV and looking to move on as a Steadicam Operator in the near future.

Some of the tasks involved in his job are “Setting up all cameras (e.g. settings, position, lenses, batteries, monitors) for the Camera Operator(s) to be ready to shoot straight away. Setting up grip equipment (e.g. dolly, track, slider, jib). Rigging sets i.e. running BNC cables through the set, connecting cameras to video village to give the Director a live feed of the action. Ensuring all timecodes in cameras are in sync, and in sync with the Sound Recordist. Slating all shots with the clapperboard so that the editor can identify each shot, as well as sync the sound with the footage easily.” 

The experiences gained as a Parkside Media Runner helped with him landing his current job as a freelance camera assistant. “Working with one of the clients in the studios, I was called back for numerous jobs outside of the Media house as a runner, and was eventually moved up to Camera Assistant. I was able to transfer all of my technical skills into this job and continue to learn as I go along.”

“My advice to future Parkside Media Runners is to always be friendly to crews. Don't be afraid to talk to clients either, or ask any questions (during a break of course). Listen to what Hilary and other members of staff in the Parkside Mediahouse have to say, as their experience and knowledge is an invaluable resource. Most of all I would say simply to work your very hardest, and in a most professional manner as possible.” Says Andy

Another graduate, Viraj Shiyal from the School of Media, worked on BBC Marrying Mum and Dad. Afterwards he kept in contact with the production manager, who rang to offer him a six-month contract on a car series for the National Geographic Channel.

These are great examples of the partnerships created within University.

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