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Game developer giants Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) and Feral Interactive are to fund three scholarships for applicants to Gamer Camp, Birmingham City University’s ‘super-vocational’ Masters degree for game developers.

All applicants to Gamer Camp’s MA and MSc degree courses in Video Games Development, and Video Games Enterprise and Production will automatically be considered for the scholarships. The strongest applicants will then be shortlisted for interviews by a panel of industry experts from several leading game development studios, who will award the scholarships to students who show the most potential. The panel will meet early August to make a decision. 

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) Scholarships will cover student course fees in full, whilst a separate Video Game Industry Scholarship Scheme will cover half of a student’s course fee, normally £9,290.

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Birmingham City University

Iain Harrison, Gamer Camp Studios Course Director, explains why Gamer Camp was created: “Having worked in the game industry for over 12 years at various levels and studios, it became absolutely apparent to me that there were problems with new graduates coming into the industry. Unfortunately, there appeared to be very few who could be described as ready for work and nearly all needed either constant mentoring or guidance. 

“This is why I joined and helped develop Gamer Camp Studios. Gamer Camp is a vibrant development studio, designed to train and educate students, whilst working closely with Sony Europe and the PlayStation First Scheme, delivering games for iPad, Vita and PS4.” 

David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive Limited (XCom, Total War, Borderlands, for Mac) the world’s biggest publisher of Mac games, said: “We have recruited from Gamer Camp consistently for the last four years and currently have six of their graduates working with us - that’s way more than from any other games development course.

“Without exception, we have been delighted with the skills they bring to work. Everyone from Gamer Camp is able to contribute from day one, and their year-long involvement in a real game development process at Gamer Camp is at least in part responsible for that. Gamer Camp is a great preparation for a career in games.”

Gamer Camp graduates Nick Wilby and Liz Lansdown credit the practical course with their current career success.

Nick Wilby, now a Generalist Programmer at Ubisoft Montreal studio in Canada, (makers of Assassins Creed, FarCry and Watch Dogs) said: “Gamer Camp was an absolute turning point in my life to get to where I am today. I lacked confidence and direction in what I was doing and Gamer Camp gave me the opportunity to channel myself into something defined, challenging and rewarding.”

Liz Lansdown, Associate Producer and Gamer Camp graduate added: “Gamer Camp created a space where teamwork was key to success and helped foster industry connections.”

More information on the Masters courses can be found on the Gamer Camp website.

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