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I am based in Birmingham and currently work as a retoucher for some of the most luxurious brands on the market in terms of fashion.

Photography is my first nature however and I am moving with the times and concepts, Just not really. The aesthetic of my images is deeply important because it works hand in hand with the technical part of things. As you lay your framing and define your composition, you also have to be bright and add some sugar to the scene. Concept allows for that in a very minimalistic way. You can use a narrative that can be enhanced using different ideas. My favourite being the idea os motion. How can we settle, if motion is constant? My images create a feeling of undone, just like motion. Anything can happen next.

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Part of my latest portfolio work, Dreams represents our desire to constantly be dominant over our emotions and ways of doing things.

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This is a very special one ( undergoing rework ), Wings is the perfect visual theory of control. Something that we are not able to comprehend of achieve.