Richard Sydney Allen

Richard Sydney Allen Profile I am a landscape photographer documenting human interventions and its impact on rural and urban landscapes.

In my work, I represent the changes that have occurred to the landscapes due to the decisions people make and implement. I delve into the past to explore how our actions affect and impact the landscapes we inhabit now.

My work looks at the effects of conflict from trade, war, politics, nature, geography and most importantly human emotions.

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David Donald William CameronDavid Donald William Cameron

An unusual portrait of David Cameron through the medium of Landscape and Documentary photography. It is an unauthorised biography of the current prime minister with text and visual elements of photography, graphics and illustrations. It is about his ancestry, family, childhood, education, career, and the policies implemented upon the people of this nation. It is a subtle and cynical story of a privileged personality and a politician.

Future Evidence

	Another Future Evidence

Last Future EvidenceFuture Evidence

Future Evidence is a Landscape Documentary project based on documenting certain chosen landscapes threatened by Fracking methods. Many areas, both rural and urban, are going to be subjected to this brutal way of exploitation possibly causing irreparable damage to the environment. It is to remind the politicians that the British landscapes are in imminent danger of being polluted through the Hydraulic fracturing of deep-rock formations. Ultimately, it will be the people living in and around these areas who will suffer the consequences. It is a poignant reminder to mankind as to what is at stake.

Another FacadeFacade

Journey of preservations or symbols of oppression. Cultural heritage or lack of politcal correctness. Historical references or misunderstood motivations. a façade to reckon with.

Retrace Retrace

Retracing the past and connecting it with the present is the motive behind this project. It is meant to highlight the journey of war and it’s consequences. Beginning with Liverpool and ending at Birmingham, this story represents the cities involved in the conflicts and the people who are drawn into this terrible cycle of war.

Wroxeter Roman City - Hidden TreasuresWroxeter Roman City - Hidden Treasures

Wroxeter Roman City - Hidden Treasures project delved into the remnants of the island's Roman era and one of it's forgotten settlement in Shropshire. It was the fourth largest Roman city near the River Severn.