Shalini Yogamoorthy

Shalini Yogamoorthy Profile I am a graphic designer who specialises in branding and packaging, who thrives to try new things and loves to incorporate photography and illustration into my work.

I have been told that I am a perfectionist, who strives to make sure everything I set out to do is as flawless as it can be. I have a sharp eye for detail and I am extrovertly creative.

Secret 7Secret 7

Creating a Sleeve design has been an amazing experience. My designs are a combination of ink print making and Illustrations. The choice of colour and the type of patterns are to match the theme of the song. I did not go for bright colours as the song is representing loneliness and heartbreak. The illustration gives out little more details on the artist himself. The inspiration for the design came from the song as i’ve listen to it million times to visualise it in image.

Fashion LookbookFashion Lookbook

The concept of this project was to create a look book which contained photographs of the garments with illustrations around them.

D&AD design bridgeD&AD design bridge

This was for D&AD design bridge, Which was to create a unisex beauty brand. I have created a brand named ‘Mirage’ meaning optical illusion. I chose the name mirage because I wanted it to suit both genders. The name represents reflection and matches the theme. I have kept the colour choices simple and monochromatic in style as I thought colour could represent a particular gender whereas black and white suits both.The symbol on the logo is made up of a ‘W’ (Women) and ‘M’ (Men) and they are interlocked to create onemonogram.

Fashion look bookFashion look book

Fashion look book. The look book contains illustrations that will narrate a story of the clothing. It contains photographs of models wearing Roisins collection with a illustration on each page to create a strong attitude towards the clothing.