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Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams Profile Graphic designer and visual communicator, particularity interested in brand identity, user experience and user interface design.

I love brand identity and creating a brand experience which is creative and innovative, I enjoy creating user interfaces which are not only visually pleasing, but serve a purpose.  I believe that to be a great designer you should not only design things which are visually pleasing, but sense a gap and fill it with a creative and beneficial solution.

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I have created the brand identity and an app design for TLAB. TLAB is a brand concept for a tea shop. It is a tea shop dedicated to tea and tea only. The concept and idea behind it was being able to mix your own flavours which you would then infuse with tea, this sparked the name Tea Lab or rather TLAB, inspired by science creating the feeling of a laboratory. The identity for TLAB was designed based on pyramid shaped tea bags and futuristic styles. The symbol represents the tea element to the brand, whilst the logotype represents the science element to the brand. I have designed both the symbol and logotype, making the brand as unique as possible. The TLAB app is a simple way to explore a range of flavours to infuse with tea, mix your own combination and send to your nearest store for collection. The app creates an experience which allow you to connect with the brand and yet allow you to 'mix tea your way'. The more tea you mix the better mixologist you become, earning you points and gaining rewards.

TLAB packaging TLAB packaging

This is the packaging I have designed for TLAB if the products were to be sold in store or in supermarkets. The first design is how 'healing tea' would be packaged. Healing tea is a range of different tea and mixtures that are made to make you feel better and heal the body, for example Honey and Lemon is traditionally drank when you are ill. This is more of a luxurious style packaging, with a laser cut lid and foiled illustrations. The second style of packaging would be for 'standard' tea, such as black tea, green tea and rooibos tea. The front of the packaging is clear, allowing you to see the tea bags within it, this is also the opening to the packaging.

This is a short film/ad that shows and advertises ‘Healing tea’ for TLAB, using ink dropped into water and the flowers from the Chinese flowering green tea, inspired by both Chinese and Indian culture. Creating a fluid and tranquil feeling.


Missguided is an online fashion retailer who has recently opened a concessions store in Selfridges, most customers who shop at the retail store would have shopped online. The aim is connect the customers to the store as if they would online, using digital and interactive visual merchandising.


As Missguided was an online only retailer before they got their first store, a lot of customers might go there expecting to find what they have seen online, and want to get to it straight away, which can be frustrating if it is a huge store. My solution is to have a touch screen display, where you can search for items, either by scanning the barcode, or by searching key words eg. “Black Jeans” it will then show you all the products that they have within that store, and you can swipe through to show different styles, it will also tell you the Name, Price, Sizes in stock and where you can find the product in-store

O D Y S S E Y 

Bringing luxury and adventure together The brief was to design a web presence for Odyssey, including a dedicated website and mobile site and/or app interface, paying consideration to look, feel, usability and navigation. This was a fictitious brief set by B-Hive Creative, not only a brief but a competition where I entered the digital design category, and won a 4 week paid placement. The brief was to design a brand identity for the hotel and also a digital campaign. Their brand values were luxury and adventure with a target audience of young professionals and empty nesters. As Odyssey is about luxury and adventure I wanted to bring the contrasting two together. I designed the branding and overall look of Odyssey. I also designed a website and an app which would be personalised to each customer, they'd be able to upload and share their photos from their adventure which would be displayed in the hotel lobbies, and also at the end they'd be able to take away a personalised photo album containing the photos from their adventure.

S E C R E T  7 S E C R E T 7

These were my submissions for secret 7 2016. The first cover was for Dream 3, I created this piece using water colour and digital manipulation, I produced this whilst listening to the track which helped and influenced my final outcome. The second cover was done for the less I know the better, this piece is more abstract and experimental, I didn’t have a concept for this, as titled "the less I know the better" The final cover was done for the clearest blue. This piece was totally inspired by the name. I took a picture of the sky, and mirrored the image. I blurred out the background and added a the same image in a circle representative to an eye, so that part is the “Clearest”.


This is my dissertation titled was ‘How does user experience and user interface design affect the consumers of the fashion industry?’ I wanted to to design my layout for my dissertation inspired by fashion and editorial magazine layouts, in relation to the fashion element of my dissertation.