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Karen Pang Profile Hello, my personal interest is researching and creating educational design pieces that young people can use. The materials I produce encourage engagement through user experience, whether it's a print/digital design, a installation or a workshop the end result is that participates gain something beneficial and can grow in their own skills and forward thinking.

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For All Time book jacket designFor All Time book jacket design

Stratford Literary Festival 2016 hosted a competition brief on designing a book jacket. They requested on the cover to display the title 'For All Time' and has to be colourful. My design was shortlisted and during the festival it was display at the Stratford ArtsHouse at Stratford-upon-Avon.

Grow. Pick. Cook. Eat.Grow. Pick. Cook. Eat.

It contains a growth record booklet that allows the pupil/child to document what they see when growing their sugar snap peas, gaining the skills to draw, annotate and learn having responsibilities for another living produce. This enables them to understand where food comes from, how it is grown and taken care of before it gets onto their plate. There is a step by step cooking guide in teaching them how to use their sugar snap peas in a dish this could be used at home/classroom for cookery lessons. They're learning from the beginning of a cycle of where food comes from.


I AM WE _ WORKSHOP was a collaboration with a german social media artist called Wolf Nkone Helzle and I got to work with him as a graphic designer in creating a workshop that allows people to understand better about their own identity and appreciate where they come from and who they are.

I was the workshop curator of the physical matrix and host for that one day workshop. My job was to encourage people to participate, explain to them the process of finding a photograph of their own to display in the physical matrix and listen to their stories of why they choose that photo and the meaning behind it and allowing people to be appreciative of the experiences and people they met.

You can find out more about the workshop planning/details on the Behance link.

The Telegraph briefThe Telegraph brief

The Telegraph brief set by D&AD wanted a new program that re-engages with young people who know what they want.

I created this program with three main features in mind

1. Personalisation of news by hashtags

2. Enable note writing on the online article

3. Radius Community (made up by groups of people with the same interest of hashtags)

It answers to people who know their own minds, the community of young people are built upon discussions, personal perspective and career goals.

The Telegraph #Radius


As a creator I wanted to add creatively in drink making so I thought up of this club-

CM Club is a cocktail and mock tail drinks club (platform is an App) designed to get regular drinkers as drink makers. For those who are interested as a hobby or a career this club seasonally host a competition where members would recreate a drinks (shown in booklet) and submit it through the app and professional judges would recreate it by their recipe and methods.

I have created an App (main platform), a booklet that shows this seasons eight main summer theme drinks and some recipe cards to allow easy access to follow the recipes.

This was a collaboration project between a food photography, illustrator and a brander (I selected my members due to their specialises skills) and myself as graphic designer and art director of this project.

CM Club App

Great Smile JourneyGreat Smile Journey

Great Smile Journey booklet is a live client brief who works at Oral Health Foundation.

This booklet journey is designed for young children in learning the routine of brushing their teeth twice a day. I made this journey as a game where they're being guided by the main character on a journey to reach the end goal of having happy healthy teeth. It's designed to last a month and after completion parents can send a photo to the Oral Health Foundation of their child holding the complete booklet and they'll receive a personalised certificate.

It will be a program that can monitor the amount of people using this learning material as well as encouraging good practice.

Churchill Bottle Packaging & Label DesignChurchill Bottle Packaging & Label Design

Churchill Death Anniversary Competition brief in designing a Pol Roger Champagne Bottle Packaging and Label design.

I wanted to express the meaning of his life within this packaging design, using the four panels sides

  • The front panel shows his strong outwards appearance as a fighter and a figure who won't give up when when the odds are against him.
  • The back panel shows his private hobbies of traveling and art (painting) using the art stand visual and a quote he said to express what he felt during his own alone times. The quote contained many level of meanings revealing his experiences of life, which I felt was suitable considering this was a special collection item piece as well as a good drink.  

User Experience AppUser Experience App