Eilish Fitzpatrick

Eilish Fitzpatrick profile picture I'm an entrepreneurial Graphic Designer that has fingers in many pies.

Over the last three years I have been running my own independent design agency, efz Creative. Overseeing all aspects of the business and creative from start to finish, I've developed core skills in client facing roles and communication, art direction and technical production. I'm quite the DIYer, finding low-fi solutions to communicate ideas and thrive when i'm thinking strategically. 

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Ice Ice Mikey 1

Ice Ice Mikey 2

Ice Ice Mikey 3

Ice Ice Mikey 4Ice Ice Mikey

I wanted to create a brand that was appropriate for all ages and events. The focus of the project was combining their partnering heritage UK brands, Pashley and Kelly’s with the playfull nature of Ice Ice MIkey’s art direction and messaging.

Deliverables included: Brand Identity, Website, Signage, Photography,information booklets, leaflets and business cards.

Meatcure, Interactive Restaurant Game 1

Meatcure, Interactive Restaurant Game 2Meatcure, Interactive Restaurant Game

This is a conceptual project with the original intention of being an app that lets users digitally create their dream burger. Dragging and dropping ingredients into place, they could then enter their creation into a competition to win a place on Meatcure's permanent menu.

I wanted to extend this concept to younger children, giving them an opportunity to interact with the brand physically, which alligned with the brand's hands-on appraoch to their rustic food and restaurants. I made the ingredidents with my own mix of clay and meticulously hand painted each element. I deliberatly made them look as life-like as possible to get the kids excited about the food they're about to order, making for a memorable and unique dinner time experience.

Lloyds Bank, Charity FundraisingLloyds Bank, Charity Fundraising

I was commissioned by the Midlands Manufacturing commercial banking team to create posters and leaflets for their annual charity event. Invitations were sent to over 800 commercial clients.


"Thank you so very much for your guidance, vision and support regarding producing the invitations and posters required to support our annual quiz night.

Your creative thinking, ownership and organizational skills truly did shine through right from the very start. With what was initially simply a request to support the event, with very little background provided, you in a very short time managed to research both Lloyds Bank and The Brain Tumour Charity’s current marketing brand and imaginatively amalgamated the two to produce an exceptional invitation and poster campaign.

We and our guests were really impressed with what you had produced. Your contribution to the event helped us to raise over £3,300 for the charily – a very successful event.

Eilish, we can not thank you enough. You are a remarkable young lady and we truly do wish you all the very, very best for your future business aspirations. Please do keep in touch, we would be delighted to work with you again"

Andy Moss, Senior Relationship Manager & Abigail Holloway, Relationship Manager

Business Advice Made DigestableBusiness Advice Made Digestable

This is a conceptual piece informed by my dissertation "Take no notice of that man behind the curtain".

I've always found people fascinating and so I took this opportunity to dive deep and investigate the unwritten rules of the world, double standards and social categorisation. This publication is a summary of 'top tips' for creatives looking to branch out into business based on the findings from my dissertation and own personal experiences.