Danielle Lockwood

Danielle Lockwood profile picture I'm Danielle. I like to use bold colour in my work. Huge fan of patternwork and traditional print methods. I enjoy getting hand drawn elements into my work.

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Birmingham Record Map 01

Birmingham Record Map 02Birmingham Record Map

From my passion for collecting records I started a self initiated brief. This brief was intended to inform people of independent record shops still in the city centre. The vinyl revival has come along and bought with it loads of new collectors. Some of these people only use online marketplaces and highstreet shops. I want more people to get involved with the brilliant record community in Birmingham. Aimed at new collectors and people who need a nice little reminder of the shops on offer.

Orchard Pig 01

Orchard Pig 02

Orchard Pig 03

Orchard Pig 04

Orchard Pig 05Orchard Pig

My response to the YCN brief to turn Orchard Pig Cider into the notorious P.I.G. To position themselves in the craft beer category but remain bold and mischievous.

#takeaPIGture a social media campaign in which people hold snouty beer mats to their face and take a selfie. The packaging accompanies this and is a bottle wrapping, suitable for the craft beverage industry.

Dr MartenDr Marten

My response to a radio advertisement brief. Eventually this became a kinetic type video, with the boot being revealed at the end, but I quite like the still too!