Aidan Cole

Aidan Cole profile picture The art of the idea is what I think is most important when it comes to my creative process. I work hard to try and have not only nicely furnished work, but also to make sure that

I have created a piece of advertising that is pushing the theory on what a brand stands for.

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Red Stripe Beer - Classic taste, legendary lookRed Stripe Beer - Classic taste, legendary look

For this project I wanted to give the brand Red Stripe all its glory back. in the past few years this brand has slipped from being a great beer, to being a niche brand. This idea would only come together nicely if I could rebrand and restyle the products. Red stripe beer needed a cool factor and that is what I tried to accomplish.

NHS (Sexual Health) - Enlighten

For this project i created a brand named Enlighten, this point of this brand would be to inform the public on sexual health. This brand would be a sub brand of NHS and would not only inform people on these problems, but also sell them. This would include condoms, lube and other sexual products. The campaign revolves around the idea of light, and how it can shine upon you to give you the protection you need.

With this project I thought it was important to do a video for the brand, this could be classed as social media, it would not only allow me to find out what what people do and don't know about sexual health, it also allows people to view there opinions on subjects. Which in this era the need for each person to have an opinion is bigger than ever before.

Cut It! - Halifax 1

Cut It! - Halifax

This project was for Halifax. the task that i was set was the need for change in society. not only are we spending to much money, but we are also not saving money. my concept is to use the idea of cutting your finances to help your future and to do this you need a handy helper. At halifax we would be that helper.

Ebony & IvoryEbony & Ivory

The task for this project was to successfully advertise my urban streetwear brand, Brappleberrypie, this however is a sub brand from said brand. advertising this brand was an interesting task, I think that was due to it being my brand, it made me have a high level of judgement for all the pieces I created. The concept for this project was the idea of no face of the brand, no matter who wore the clothing their faces were covered. this was fitting so you don't have people sell your clothes, the clothes sell themselves because they are worth being sold.

Sick KicksSick Kicks

This is a concept for a sneaker convention that could happen within the country, the logo I have created would go towards the rest of the branding, and these would be the print ads that I have created for the brand. The concept came for this project came from my love for sneakers.

Mito was here - Alfa RomeoMito was here - Alfa Romeo

The task for this project was to take the car Alfa Romeo Mito and rebrand it in a way that created a new experience for the user. I decided to make a concept based on a more personal level, of having you and your car. The need for you to create your story with your car was an interesting touch, it allowed the product to move into the territory of me and my sidekick type emotion.

Go Snack Crazy - Cadbury's 1

Go Snack Crazy - Cadbury's 2Go Snack Crazy - Cadbury's

The task for this project was for me to rebrand the Cadbury's chocolate bar Snack. with this task i came up with the concept "Go snack crazy". this was made late in 2015 for one of my projects, which is interesting cause a similar campaign has just been ran for Cadbury's crunchie instead.

I decided to start this idea with how the chocolate makes me feel; i decided to build on that relationship of the Snack's represation to me and the emotional value. this lead me to "Go Snack crazy" a joint feeling of passion and devotion for the Cadbury's brand bar.

Something that I think was interesting and kind of needed for the brand was the packaging. It allowed me to give it a whole new look that would also standout hugely on a shelf next to other bars. Cadbury's Snack, back like in our lives like it never left.