Louise Smith

I consider myself a creative practitioner, mainly interested in events, immersive experiences and themed environments.

Water FootprintWater Footprint

Considering how valuable water is to our existence, it quickly became the centre of my project and with further research I began focusing in on our daily Water Footprint. Playing with scale and texture I used plastic to create an installation with everyday objects to represent how much water is used to manufacture them. Using light, sound and projection I was able to illuminate the objects and create an atmosphere to make the message more powerful. Participants left feeling they needed to do more to save water in everyday life, if so much is already been used elsewhere, making the project a success.

Immersive BarImmersive Bar

The public demand for something different is constantly increasing; everybody is looking for the next big thing to try. Taking inspiration from this and my interest in immersive experiences I decided to design a themed bar, based on the short story ‘Fever Dreams’. Whilst increasing my knowledge in spatial awareness and my skills in software used by the creative industries I combined technology and optical illusions to create a bar experience like no other. Where every time you enter the bar it will open your eyes to something you didn’t see before.