Karolina Bielskyte

Karolina Bielskyte Profile Throughout my experience at University studying for a degree in Theatre, Performance and Event Design at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, I have discovered a true passion for entertainment industries.

Down to my lifelong commitment to the arts, and the high quality of teaching I received, I now have a very strong foundation in not just design skills, but also in theatre craft in general. My studies have enabled me to explore all elements of design, from storyboarding and model making to set construction and dressing. I love pushing creative boundaries and feel that my creativity, problem solving, design skills and work ethic get stronger with every job I do.

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The Contraption 01

The Contraption 02

The Contraption 03

The Contraption 04

The Contraption 05The Contraption

Inspired by ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ by Albert Camus, this is a composition in the form of a hybrid between performance, installation and kinetic sculpture. Simple arrangement of motifs along with sound, light and shadow play create many shapes and stories that transform the room into an immersive show. The performance is not restricted with one particular story-line; it is more like a visual composition of different elements, variable movement, and relationship of body and environment.

The Cloud Cuckoo Land 01

The Cloud Cuckoo Land 02The Cloud Cuckoo Land

The intention of this project was to look at modern dance performance not from choreographer’s, but from set designer’s perspective. I explored the importance of space, setting and props, how they can affect dance movements and how it can be used as part of choreography. I am inspired by Pina Bausch work and same as she said 'I am less interested in how people move than in what moves them.'