Grace Westwood

Grace Westwood profile picture Designing and creating spaces is an exciting and engaging area within which I work and study. But the validity of space is verified by the occurrence of life in that space. Or death, of course, as I explored in one of my most recent projects.

Studying Design for Theatre, Performance and Event opened my mind to the exciting world visual communication. Throughout the course, I had a growing passion for design within film, particularly how the camera interacts with character, space and situation. It was this interest that influenced my decision to make a short film in my final year at university. The creative collaboration involved in filmmaking is an experience that I thoroughly enjoy and find utterly satisfying as a designer!

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Still from short film M.I.C.R.A.D Still from short film M.I.C.R.A.D

For my final major project I made a short film. I worked for five months on the project, and was able to build two sets within the University studios. This image is a still from the 'Cryonic Chamber'. Taking my film from script to screen was so exciting, and the experience of working collaboratively to create my vision has been the most satisfying to date.

Still from film 'Regenesis'Still from film 'Regenesis'

For this project I was keen to explore the notion of existence in death; I did this through the character of Ophelia. For the project, I built a pool of water within university [something which hadn't been done previously] and filmed for two days the regenerative process of this character. The project presented numerous obstacles, however in many ways this worked with the intentions of the project.

Set Miniature Set Miniature

This project involved the creation of a set miniature for a film adaptation inspired by Alan Lightman's 'Einstein's Dreams'. The completed miniature formed just one of the five sets I designed for my film adaptation, and required many levels of design for its final realisation. These included model construction and texturing, filming and finally editing within the Adobe suites.

Requiem. A commemorative WW1 Themed Installation Requiem. A commemorative WW1 Themed Installation

Requiem is a WW1 Themed paper installation I designed and created for the Shrewsbury Flower show 2014. The level of interest and respect for the piece, which continues to tour publicly and privately, is phenomenal. I feel so pleased to be able to contribute to the remembrance of those who have served, and continue to serve, in our armed forces.