Alicia Bedden

Alicia Bedden Profile Picture Working as part of the Theatre, Performance and Event Design course has built my skills in all areas of the entertainment industry. However my passion is for installation and event design, of which many of my projects have touched upon, hopefully really shows through.

My interest in technology and lighting has influenced my design choices. I love the way the human body interacts with the lights in a space and what the audience takes from this.

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Grand Finale - Performative InstallationGrand Finale - Performative Installation

Grand Finale is a project I created, to play with the notion of capturing a moment in time. By working in collaboration with fashion students who design for performance, we made a performative installation in The Shell space at Birmingham City University.

Working in collaboration with design for performance students, I’m creating a space that the audience will want to take photos of and share on various social medias.

I’ve always had a keen interest in technology and how I can use it in a space. The project is an event that breaks the norm of a typical fashion show, where we break the conventional up down catwalk and allowing the audience to see the fashion up close and personal.

The space I designed for the event was a collection of frames all lit with rope lights. Creating the frames allowed the audience to witness these moments in time at the venue and the simplicity of the space allowed for the variety of costumes to be showcased together.

'Ashes' Music Video'Ashes' Music Video

See the full video here

This image is a captured screenshot of the video footage.

With a team of 7, created a concept, storyboarded, produced a model, filmed on green screen and edited together a music video for 'Ashes' by the Belle Brigade.

Our concept allowed us to make use of the green screen facilities we have here at Birmingham City University, which has built upon many of my skills including editing as well as camera work.

Top Girls - Performative Design
Top Girls - Performative Design

'Devising a performative design based upon the energy of top girls, with the idea of John Cage’s Notation.'

The project is my interpretation of the play 'Top Girls' by Caryl Churchill, a feminist play. The installation is based on many facts and thoughts of the play, each ball of light represents a different character. Act one being the highest level, Act Three being the lowest and the height of each one is representative to the hierarchy of the characters in the play. The colours based on their personality and the density of the wire structures the importance of the character. The audience interact by walking through the space taking their own thoughts about the installation.

This was my submission for Negotiated Project on our course.

Cherry Orchard - Set Design and CostumeCherry Orchard - Set Design and Costume

A speculative set design I created for Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov for the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham.