Professor Andrew Kulman selected for Secret 7” competition

Professor Andrew Kulman, has been chosen for a unique exhibition that aims to combine music and art to raise funds for refugees.

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Andrew entered the Secret 7” competition before lockdown, and  has had his artwork selected to be featured in the exhibition, which in previous years has included 7” sleeves created by artists Lubaina Himid, Anish Kapoor and Mark Wallinger, among others.

The competition is open to illustrators and graphic designer of all ages, and has run annually since 2013. It involves entrants choosing a well-known 7” single from a list of seven provided and interpreting the music in a visual manner using any medium.

The songs were as follows:

  • Aretha Franklin – One Step Ahead
  • Bob Dylan – Blind Willie McTell
  • Foo Fighters – This Is A Call
  • The Internet – Come Over
  • Koffee – Toast
  • Miles Davis – Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
  • Vampire Weekend - Harmony Hall

Andrew Kulman Sleeves

A requirement of the competition is that the final artwork must not reveal the title of the track or the name of the artist – hence the ‘secret’ element of the competition.

Andrew said: “This is the seventh and final year, so to encourage students to make work to enter, I said I’d have a go myself. There are positives to doing this – it shows we can all rise to the same challenge, and it’s about meeting a professional brief and tight deadline, which are good transferable skills.”

He commented: "I chose Blind Willy McTell because I wanted to respond to an American folk song that allowed me to show students how you can approach a music narrative without it being a literal interpretation. 

“It’s a great feeling to be selected, as my work will be shown alongside industry professionals, artists and students, which means there will be a real variety of work on show.”

The identity of each artist must also remain ‘secret’ until after the auction, but all the winning entries can be viewed online.

The show will open at NOW Gallery on Greenwich Peninsula in London from 14 October- 1 November, with the auction for Help Refugees taking place on the final day.

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