Richard Schofield

Richard-Schofield Staff

Lecturer in Visual Communication

School of Visual Communication

A devotee of the cross-disciplinary approach, Richard considers conceptual thinking to be the significant common denominator between different art-forms and sub-disciplines, and therefore commonly interchangeable. Whilst at the same time celebrating the unique, distinct qualities of each of these various activities, he sees them as holistic components that are capable of coming together freely. They are embodied and contextualised in the creative individual. He believes in a consciously pluralist approach to creative education.

He has a particular interest in the text-word-image relationship, the uneasy interplay between essentially antithetic languages. A fascination also with dynamic creative devices/mechanisms such as dissonance/atonality/negation – strategies that can be applied to any communication media. Fragmentary, unfixed narratives are a constant reference point, as are cyclic forms and non-linear approaches including, appropriately, a non ‘straight line’ approach to career. His work has always been informed, intuitively, by a cinematic approach.

Being a confluence of disparate qualities, Richard happily accommodates diametrically opposed traits – from romantic-idealism through to strong pragmatism. He is ‘for’,‘against’ and also a diplomat – this is the nature of healthy ‘discourse’. If one can daydream whilst being industrious, all the better. At school he was complimented by a senior teacher on his ‘positive-rebellion’.

With a University background in multi-disciplinary design, he has been involved in various creative activities: electronic/experimental music, public art, video, printmaking, small scale sculpture. Having lived and taught in Spain & Italy, he has accrued experience of cross-cultural issues.

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