Where to get a brew in Birmingham

Whether fruity, herbal, green or classic, the UK loves a cup of tea. We drink more than 60 billion cups of tea a year so it’s no wonder we’ve assigned an entire day (21st April) to celebrate the beautiful beverage. Looking for some inspiration on where to find the best cuppa in Birmingham? We’ve compiled a list of the best brew destinations.

Edwardian Tearooms

Combine National Tea Day with a trip to the museum courtesy of Edwardian Tearooms. The classically styled tearoom is the perfect setting for a brew, and if you just can’t have tea without cake or biscuits (and who can?), there is a full patisserie table with enough choice to please the pickiest eaters. If you want a wide selection of teas, you’ve come to the right place. Good, old-fashioned builders brews are available alongside a wide selection of loose leaf teas and tea infusions. If you’ve never visited Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery before, then this is a great way to start!


Faculty is one of Birmingham’s top brew destinations, boasting offerings from Cardiff-based Waterloo Tea. With everything from English Breakfast to Hibiscus Berry and a selection of homemade cakes, Faculty will tick all of your National Tea Day boxes. They’ve been known to have handmade biscuits on offer too! If you’ve never been to Piccadilly arcade before then a trip to Faculty is worth it just for a look at the Arcade ceiling, which features incredible artwork from Paul Maxfield that even regular visitors tend to miss. Don’t forget to look up when you visit!


Think Starbucks was the first to come up with the Green Tea Latte? Think again. Lewis’s has been around in Mosely since 2014 and make a cracking Matcha Chai Latte if you want to celebrate National Tea Day a little differently. If you don’t fancy matcha, then a range of fruit and herbal loose leaf teas are available to try. If you do go to Lewis’s go hungry. With all-day brunch options like indulgent French toast with caramelised bananas and a Beiruti inspired evening menu, it would be a crime to visit without sampling the menu.


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Want to celebrate National Tea Day with a difference? Bubble tea is the way to go. If bubble tea is your thing then Birmingham has a lot to offer, with Chai Time, Happy Lemon and Mee-Cha all being City-Centre providers of the drink. If you’re new to the concept, bubble tea is a drink traditionally made by mixing tea or coffee with a variety of flavours and toppings (the bubbles in the name). The amount of customisation options is dizzying but Mee-Cha makes it really easy to find the drink you want. A truly alternative way to celebrate National Tea Day. Not convinced by bubble tea? Mee-Cha’s frozen yoghurt and ice cream bar are still worth the trip!


Though famous for a fantastic range of authentic coffees, Syrian restaurant Damascena doesn’t fall short of a good brew. It’s probably one of the most varied offerings mentioned so far, with special Damascena teas including, Turkish, cardamom, cinnamon and fresh mint varieties as well as spiced milky teas and a range of loose leaf options. Their chai latte selections feature flavours such as Mango, Peppermint, Vanilla, Chocolate and Green Tea, making for some truly unique drinks. Don’t worry, if you just want to enjoy the amazing mezze boards and take in the view of St Phillip’s Cathedral they also have good old English Breakfast tea on offer.