How to have an alternative Christmas

Are you looking for something a little different this festive period? Maybe you can’t face the relatives, or yet another dose of ‘Miranda’? Then leave the tradition behind and check out our simple ways on how to have an alternative Christmas this year.

 1. Lend a hand to charity

There’s plenty of charities who will be open on Christmas day and looking for volunteers. Birmingham Crisis are looking for mini bus drivers or entertainers. Birmingham’s Salvation Army are also looking for anyone to help organise their Christmas day events.

2. Take a trip

Bored of sitting in the living room all day? This may be the perfect way to spice up your day. Organisations such as Golden Tours will still be operating on Christmas day and are offering tours to a variety of locations such as Dover, Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath.

3. Do a bit of wildlife spotting

Another way to get out of the house but not spend much money is wildlife spotting! December can bring some of the most impressive scenes, with robins, pink-footed geese and many more out on display.

4. Find a four-legged friend to help

If you like to head outdoors, but don’t always have the excuse, why not offer your hand to an elderly neighbour and their four-legged friend. Dog owners will often eagerly hand over the lead if it means not having to get out into the cold.

5. Go on a tour of your favourite places

Birmingham will be eerily quiet on Christmas day, so this may be a fantastic time to get a glimpse of some of your favourite attractions, whether it’s a stroll along the Brindley Place canals, or admiring the beauty of the Floozy in the Jacuzzi!

6. Park-run

There’s always a Christmas day park-run, no matter where you live! If you fancy starting the day with a 5K, this is definitely the option for you – plus, you can make room for the hefty amounts of food that will be served up later in the day!

7. Holiday… from your living room!

Here’s one for the creatives… Turn your front room into a beach bar, with Malibu, watermelon slices and cocktail umbrellas, then watch movies about the summer. It’s likely to be miserable weather outside anyway!

If that’s not enough, then have a go at doing an alternative Christmas dinner too:

8.  Crackers

Why not be more environmentally friendly this year and make your own Christmas Crackers? They are one of the biggest contributors of Christmas Waste. To make your own, check out Little Crafty Bugs and their handy how-to guide. If you want some other tips on how to be more environmentally friendly, check out our Zero Waste Christmas guide.

9. Go vegan

Another way you can have an alternative Christmas dinner is by going vegan. Not only shockingly good for the environment but also super tasty! Even if you don’t fully convert to veganism but want to try it for Christmas dinner, just one vegan meal a week can help the environment. For the best Vegan Christmas Dinner recipes,take a look here.