Your personal tutor

Personal tutors play an important role in supporting you during your university experience, and can be contacted for general support and advice.

Your nominated personal tutor will be allocated to you during the first few weeks at university. They will be a member of the teaching team who can be approached for personal and professional advice during your time at BCU. The personal tutor system also aims to enrich your learning experiences both in university and practice.

Personal tutors are not necessarily experts in your subject area, but they are committed to supporting your learning, wellbeing and professional/academic skills whilst you are studying at BCU. For subject advice please see your programme leader or module leader.

What is the role of my personal tutor?

The role of the personal tutor is different from that of the academic tutor. Academic tutors are involved with supporting students on individual modules of study. Your personal tutor will:

  • Meet with you within 4 weeks of you commencing your programme of study, or prior to your first practice placement where relevant
  • Meet with you following the completion of every practice placement document where appropriate
  • Discuss matters relating to academic and practice development, and provide advice.
  • Offer personal support and guidance to discuss personal matters, if required
  • Ensure you are keeping yourself up to date and maintaining a portfolio of practice where relevant

The purpose of having one nominated staff member as your personal tutor is so that there is someone who knows you well beyond individual modules, who can help you develop personally and professionally. The better you get to know your personal tutor, the better they can support you!

What can I discuss with my personal tutor?

You can talk with your personal tutor about:

  • What you want to achieve during your time here and how you can go about it
  • How well you are doing - your successes and any concerns you or we may have about your progress
  • Issues affecting your ability/desire to complete your course – there are often ways to improve your experience
  • General study, employability or other support needs

What can I expect from my personal tutor?

Personal tutors are not just for when you have problems – they can help you make the best of your studies. Here’s what to expect from your personal tutor:

  • Reviewing of general progress
  • Discussions about your goals and expectations, to help set action plans
  • Your tutor will make time to see you if you are experiencing difficulties such as any issues either with settling in or progressing through the course. While they may not be able to see you straight away, they will refer you to the right place to get the help or support you need, working closely with our Student Success Advisors to do so
And here’s what not expect:
  • Attention on demand - while your tutor will make every effort to help you, if you have a particularly serious or urgent issue, you should report to your school reception. Your personal tutor will not be able to do your work for you
  • They will not be able to read through drafts of assignment for other modules. You should see your module tutors for course-specific feedback. For study support, you can visit the Centre for Academic Success in the Curzon Building

What is expected of me?

Students are expected to:

  • Prepare in advance for meetings to make the best use of the time
  • Attend all scheduled meetings and respond to check-in emails. Even if you’re doing fine, check in with us to let us know

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