Making friends at uni

In the build up to university, it’s only natural to worry about making friends when you start. But there are ways you can connect with other students before you even begin your course.

Group of friends walking together

Here are some suggestions to help you break the ice before you’ve even started your first semester.

The joys of social media

Check out the University’s InstagramTwitter and Facebook pages. These are a key source of communication, so use these platforms to get chatting to other students.

Finding people on your course before you start university may be an option – some courses set up a Facebook page specifically for new cohorts, which is a great way for you to interact with students in your year group. Why not be the first to leave a comment to get the ball rolling?

Scrolling through social media is also useful for keeping in touch with the latest news and developments around campus, including everything happening during Welcome Week.

Familiarise yourself with flatmates

Once your room is confirmed, our Accommodation team will invite you to a Facebook group for your building. If you manage to find out who your roomies are going to be, why not set up a group chat?

You could use this to organise group outings to Freshers events, find out what essential items people are bringing (who needs two kettles?), or simply just to get to know everyone.

Getting in touch with your flatmates before you move in will help calm any nerves you may have about not knowing anyone.

Get stuck in with your SU

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Utilise the Students’ Union from the get-go – its purpose is to make sure you have the best possible experience at university and is essential for early socialising opportunities!

BCUSU hosts a range of activities and events with an amazing programme packed full of daytime activities, nights out, trips and official Freshers’ events. Check the website regularly to keep up to date with what’s on.

Remember everyone else is in the same position

If you’re feeling anxious about connecting with other students, just remember that you are not alone! Everyone else is in the same position as you.

So smile, be friendly and make conversation with people, whether they are on your course or not!

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