Nine embarrassing things your parents might do when dropping you off at uni, and how to cope


So you’ve got your university place and packed your stuff, all you’ve got to do is move in! Easy, right? Especially if your parents have said they’ll help you. However, we all know how embarrassing parents can be, so here’s a list of nine things they might do, and how to survive moving-in day.

1. Hiring a “proper” moving van

Moving van

You’ve got a lot of stuff and it won’t fit in the car – so mum and dad have hired a proper moving van, with a lift in it and everything.

As much as you don’t want to turn up looking like you’ve brought the kitchen sink, be thankful! When your flatmates don’t have any spare knickers and you’ve got enough to last you until Christmas, you’ll be smug.

2. Complaining about where you’ll be living

We think our halls of residences are fab, and you’ll probably be really excited to have some independence. However, one student remembers:

“My flat was on the ground floor and my mum immediately started worrying that it might be unsafe… with all my potential new friends there… so awkward!”

Make sure you reassure your parents that it’s safe, all of our halls have 24/7 security. Top tip: before you get here, why not arrange a trip to show them where you’ll be living?

3. Staying the night

If your parents love your new place, this is great until they say they could live there. And then, they want to spend the night… Yes, in your room, on your first night away from home! We suggest you gently explain to them that you’re grateful they’ve helped you move in, but it’s time for you to be independent now and get to know your flatmates. Maybe arrange a weekend to head home soon, so they don’t feel too abandoned?

4. Making your bed for you

Wait, that’s a nice thing! A nice clean bed for you to crash in at 2am… but as one student found out, it might not be the good deed they originally thought:

“My mum bought me some new sheets for uni and didn’t tell me, until I made my bed realising I had to sleep with Bart Simpson for the year!” If you want to rock those cartoon bedsheets, go for it! But if not, maybe a shopping trip beforehand might be a good idea?

5. Calling you by a childhood nickname

Student nickname meme

It’s so cute when parents have little nicknames for you that they’ve been using since you were born – but when you’re trying to settle into a new flat with people you’ve never met, being known as “Little Lemon” maybe isn’t how you wanted to start the term. Just laugh it off, the more you tell your parents not to use the nickname… the more they will!

6. Lingering too long

So you’ve moved in, your bed is made and now you’re trying to get rid of your parents, but they’re not showing signs of leaving! Dad’s trying to set up everyone’s Wi-Fi and Mum’s insisting on folding your socks properly. Why not take them on a campus tour or get them to take you for one last meal together before they go? It might be easier to say goodbye at the pub than in the flat!

7. Trying to make friends with your flatmates before you get a chance

We’ve heard of parents adding flatmates on Facebook before you do, or going door to door asking them what course they’re going to be studying. We know how chatty Mums can be and however embarrassing it might be for you it’s a great ice-breaker. You can giggle about it later with your new friends.

8. Discussing kitchen etiquette

From bringing their own teabags or deciding you need a breadmaker/juicer, after all parents want to make sure you’ll be happy in the kitchen!

“I was the last one to move in, so when I went to put my stuff in the kitchen, there wasn’t a lot of space. Before I know it, my dad is knocking on everyone’s doors asking them to move their stuff so I could have my share of the kitchen…” Tell them you’ll sort it diplomatically with your housemates, they’ll be proud you’re standing up for yourself!

9. Getting emotional

Woman crying

Yes, they’re probably going to cry! And why not? This is a big step for you, especially if you’re their first child going off to uni. Let it happen, and promise you’ll text them later, so they won’t bombard you with phone calls half way down the motorway!

But remember…

You might cry too! It’s a strange feeling when they first leave you in your room alone, and no matter how embarrassing they were, you’ll miss them. But don’t worry, you’ll soon get sick of all the phone calls checking up on you!

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