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Michael Carter

After coming to Birmingham City University through Clearing, Michael benefited from the expertise of our staff and the cutting-edge facilities at Millennium Point, as well as building his experience with a placement year at luxury car maker Bentley. Here are his top tips for budding engineering students.

What's your advice for getting on the career ladder?

You’d often be surprised by how even what you think is the smallest piece of experience can help you stand out to employers. A placement year allowed me to demonstrate my competence to employers away from academia.

Make sure you go out there and search for employers willing to give you that first chance. No-one else is going to gift you a job, you have to get out there and work hard for it. It’s worth it in the end!

What's your top tip for getting the most from your course?

Always keep the things you learn at University relevant to industry, and pick a final year project which will keep you interested.

What's the secret to getting a job with a top company?

The biggest piece of advice I could give would be just to get as much experience as possible. That’s what stood me in good stead in getting where I am today and getting my original job at Bentley.

My top three tips for getting ahead in engineering

My biggest piece of advice: get as much experience as possible.
Having a passion for your industry definitely gets you where you need to be.
Make sure you enjoy your course! Find subjects which motivate you.
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Product Development Graduate, Aston Martin

BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering

Michael's placement at Bentley helped him to secure another prestigious role on graduation at Aston Martin.

“I decided at college to follow my passion for cars and motorcycles, and nationally there aren't that many universities that offer Automotive Engineering as a degree. When I saw that Birmingham City University offered a BEng in Automotive Engineering, I was immediately drawn to it.

"I now hope to get involved with as many different aspects of the automotive business as possible and progress into a design engineering role with lots of responsibility on some of the world’s finest sports cars. I hope to continue to develop here at Aston Martin, and contribute to the many exciting future prospects for the company."

Meet some of our other graduates

Rob Cooney

Rob has worked in a number of roles for Jaguar Land Rover, progressing to the position of Marketing Manager.

His Masters in Marketing Management has helped him to contribute to the company’s recent success. “The knowledge I gained from the course gave me a deep understanding, as well as the confidence to trust my instincts.”

Patrick Le Quement

Patrick has overseen a wealth of iconic designs in the automotive industry.

Formerly Senior Vice President at Renault, his leadership resulted in the Clio, Megane and Scenic, among others, helping the brand become internationally recognised.
“I believe studying in Birmingham has prepared me well for the life that I have lived,” he said.

Christine Giampaoli Zonca

Christine combined her academic studies with a promising career in rally driving.

Studying Motorsports Technology, Christine’s driven personality saw her compete in the Canary Islands’ Championship of Gravel, winning both the Regional and Provincial competitions. She plans to compete for her team Gazoline Motorsport in more races in the future.