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Marsha Ramroop

Marsha Ramroop has achieved a long and successful career with the BBC after studying Media and Communication. Now Assistant Managing Editor at BBC Radio Northampton, here are her tips for budding media students.


What advice would you give to get ahead in radio?

It’s very important to get a media experience or an internship in radio or whatever experience is out there. There are loads of traineeships or programmes being run by the BBC or by other media organisations.Read more

It’s absolutely essential not only to pursue those but to do other things like have your own blog, make sure you’re active on social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Periscope- all of them. Make sure you know what they are, that you’re on them and you know how to use them. Maximise them because actually you can then cut out the middle man in terms of getting your own experience, getting your own following and taking it from there because it really is very important to show prospective employers that you can go out and be self-starting and do these things yourself.


As a station manager, what do you look for in a graduate?

When it comes to employability, one of the things that I look for is self-starting experience. The fact that someone has actually gone out and tried to make it on their own and develop their experience before approaching an employer. Read more

Secondly, I’d look for a bit of know. Someone who has that X factor, something that actually shows that they’ve got tenacity and they can go out and find a story. They can dig around and not necessarily give up when the first phone is put down on them.

I’m looking for determination and enthusiasm definitely – bags of it. But not over enthusiastic so they put everyone else off, but a good team player. Someone who is conscientious who will get the job done and get it done completely and properly with the right sense of what is morally, ethically, legally, and editorially correct.


How did you achieve your career goals?

When you’ve got a dream, pursue it and you will be alright. If I could go back in time and give career advice to my 16-year-old self I would do nothing different. I recently completed my PGCert in Management Studies, which will hopefully help me continue to progress up the BBC ladder. Read more

From the time I was about 13 I’ve always been really clear that I wanted to work in radio and I wanted to read the news and that’s really where I focused myself. I very much did it myself. I went out and found the experience. I went at Hospital Radio, I went to Community Radio and I started doing that. I have continued on that vein and it always played to my strengths. I would just reinforce everything that I was already thinking at the time.

Top Tip

Don't be afraid to leave where you are living to go to Birmingham, a great, fantastic and vibrant city which has just grown and developed so much. I find myself returning like a boomerang to Birmingham over the last 20 years since I left. Out of those last 20 years I’ve spent seven years working back in Birmingham and just being pulled back there because it was such a brilliant part of my life. I would love for anyone to take from my own experience a sense of actually that’s a really good thing to do.

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Assistant Managing Editor, BBC Radio Northampton

BA (Hons) Media and Communication

Marsha is responsible for many of the day-to-day aspects of running BBC Radio Northampton.

"I chose to study at Birmingham City University – or UCE as it was then – because their Media and Communication course is one of the industry's most recognised courses for delivering useful graduates in that field.

"The course was very interesting and engaging. There was plenty of relevant information and the tutors were in touch with what we needed to learn.

"It provided a solid practical grounding in the media arena, as well as an interesting theoretical background in culture and psychology. The opportunity to do placements with relevant, useful organisations, was regularly encouraged."

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