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Gok Wan

Born and bred in Leicester, Gok Wan has worked in the fashion industry for the best part of two decades.


What’s your advice for having a successful career?

Never have a regret. If you carry on regretting it’s a waste of time and effort. Of course, we are all human and all of us have regrets. One of the only regrets in my life was not completing my studies.


What’s your top tip for getting ahead in the creative industry?

Follow your dreams. Nothing is too big, nothing is too dangerous, nothing is too scary. In fact the bigger, the more dangerous and the scarier it is, the better the experience will be.


Is the creative sector a good industry to work in?

You will enjoy every single second of it. It’s full of the most interesting, diverse, accepting, brilliant people with the most incredible skills sets. I’ve been so lucky to have worked in creative services for almost two decades now and it’s amazing.

Top Tip

In order to get through the dark times you need to remember that life is short and therefore you really need to focus on the good stuff. If you have negative stuff going through your head, use it as your strength. If you didn’t have that negative stuff, it’s almost like having a car with no petrol . The negative stuff is your fuel – it’s what powers you, it’s what makes your vehicle move.

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Fashion Guru and TV presenter

Studying at London’s prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama, Gok found himself drawn to hair and make-up over drama, prompting his entrée into the fashion industry and gaining him early work as a hair and make-up artist on titles such as The Sunday Times Style.

Finding himself dissatisfied with beauty alone, however, Gok decided to pursue his love of clothes as a fashion stylist. Nearly 20 years on and we have seen Gok turn his hand to designing glasses, clothes and making over the world’s women from Bolton to Sydney.

Through hard graft, passion and that little of bit of 'je ne sais quoi', Gok continues to evolve his brand’s style whilst always continuing to keep its core values, which centre around loving every woman!