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Product Manager, UNIT4 Business Software

Graduated in 1990

Providing financial software solutions

Mike Tansley is Product Manager and Senior Pre-Sales Consultant for UNIT4 Business Software, and is based in West Palm Beach, Florida. After graduating from Birmingham City University with a degree in Economics, Mike qualified as a Chartered Public Finance Accountant (CIPFA) and went on to specialise in financial systems. In 2004, he was approached to move to America to manage private bank Citco’s financial systems. He then joined UNIT4, a cloud oriented ERP software company, to lead a consulting team working on a systems project for Caterpillar. He is currently reviewing the next generation of Consolidation Accounting software his company is due to release.

"I am most proud of launching a new software product to 3,000 Legal and Accounting staff without incident and replacing SAP at about 30 Caterpillar dealerships globally within a three-year time period."

"Regardless of what happens in the long term, gaining international experience is always highly valued. From a personal perspective, I feel it expands one's horizons and makes life more interesting!"

"I have learned that doing what you enjoy is the best way to succeed in your career. If you enjoy the work, it doesn't feel like a chore and you are happier in the long run. My plans and ambitions then are simply to pursue roles that I am interested in. Automating financial processes and providing decision makers with greater visibility to how the organisation is doing is challenging but also highly rewarding. "