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Vice-chairman, Trinity Group, India

Graduated in 2005

A senior director of an insurance broker and wealth management specialist

After graduating from the University in 2005, Akhilesh had the option of staying in the UK to join a multinational company or joining his family business in India and helping them grow to greater heights.

He decided to go back to the family business, insurance broker and wealth management specialists Trinity Group, as he felt the need to be in a growing market. He joined as a marketing manager in one of the subsidiaries of the group for marketing insurance and reinsurance. In the last eight years he has received multiple promotions and the public board of the group has made him the Vice Chairman of their reinsurance broking company and also the Director of the Group's board for strategy and planning.

He now has around 200 people working under him, managing six domestic offices and two foreign offices. He is also the head of a committee which is responsible for bringing in a foreign joint venture partner. In 2005 his group had 75 employees with a turnover of $5 million, whereas today the group has 400 employees and a turnover of $40 million with a market capitalisation of $200 million.

“Before enrolling in for the course at the University I was a very shy person and had little confidence. However, after completing the course I gained immense confidence and belief in my ability. I give 100 per cent credit to my course and my study at the University, as it has definitely made me what I am today!”