Birmingham City University undergraduate admissions disrupted studies guidance notice

Disrupted Studies

If you've applied to study a BCU undergraduate degree, Foundation Year, Higher National or Foundation Degree course and have experienced issues of a personal, social or domestic nature that have affected your studies, or your ability to meet our published entry requirements or offer, we'd encourage you to let us know by completing our Disrupted Studies form.

We appreciate there are some issues that can't be discussed fully within the personal statement in your application. These are often things of a sensitive nature. The Disrupted Studies form gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how your situation has affected your studies level 2 and level 3 qualifications that are needed as part of our course entry requirements or offer. These should be circumstances that haven't already been mitigated by an examination board, or taken into account prior to awarding marks for formal assessments, such as coursework.

Examples of circumstances that disrupt studies

We don’t specify qualifying criteria as each situation is likely to be different but examples of circumstances that we may consider are provided below. All we ask is that you use the form to tell us about circumstances that have affected you and which have been outside your immediate control:

  • Undertaking the role of main carer in the home for a parent or guardian, sibling or other immediate family member
  • A period of ill-health affecting performance in examinations or other pieces of assessed work
  • Bereavement of an immediate family member
  • A period of teacher absence in subjects that are material to you meeting your offer conditions
  • Other personal, social or domestic circumstances, such as a relationship breakdown at home
  • You're from a care background, or have spent a period of more than three months in looked-after care*
  • A disability or long-standing medical condition*

*The University operates a contextualised offer scheme as outlined at in our offer making strategy so information about care leavers, disability and educational or socio-economic context, for example if you live in an area with low participation in higher education, will have been taken into account and a reduced tariff offer may have been applied.

Form Completion

Please complete as much of the form as possible so that we have the full information for consideration and can respond as quickly as possible.

BCU ID Number – is unique to you and you will find it on any Admissions’ email you will have received from BCU
If a claim has been submitted by email, the Admissions team will forward the disrupted studies form for completion.

A UCAS Referee or another School or College Advisor can submit a claim on behalf of an applicant provided they have the applicant’s permission to share the information with BCU. If you are a referee or School or College Advisor please complete our dedicated form.

Applicants can make a claim independently without the Referee/Advisor section being completed but the University may have to make enquiries of the school or college, where required.

Electronic signatures are acceptable.

Response time

We will aim to respond within 10 working day wherever possible.

Date of birth
I confirm that the information provided on this form is a complete and accurate record and that no material information has been willingly omitted. I give my consent to the processing of this information by Birmingham City University.