Vicky Beni

Victoria Beni

Media and Communication - BA (Hons)

Working in the media industry was never encouraged at Victoria's school in Italy where she grew up – partly because it wasn't considered a "real" job that you could actually make money out of. In the UK though, Victoria has found that things are different, and young people at BCU are more in touch with their creative side.

"Before coming to BCU I took a gap year and I worked as an English tutor in Florence for high school kids. I knew I wanted to do something creative in my life, along the lines of video editing and photography, but unfortunately, there weren’t many qualified practical university courses in the media field in Italy.

I decided I wanted to go abroad to study and I came to the UK to visit multiple schools, mostly in London. I’d missed the Open Days for BCU but had managed to organise an appointment to be taken round by one of the media tutors.

I didn't know much about Birmingham, and when I visited the uni, i wasn't expecting much. I saw the media facilities at BCU, I was blown away by the amazing studios. I remember thinking; "Wow... if this is what Birmingham has to offer I can’t wait to see what London has." But I ended up being really disappointed with the universities in London. Nowhere seemed to offer the same hands-on, practical courses as BCU and the facilities really didn’t compare. I also found the campuses quite overwhelming and far too big.

In comparison, BCU had everything located in one place for me, and they treated me really well. The vibe was exactly what I was hoping for from a community. I knew then that Birmingham was right place for me to try and see what I could do with my creative skills. 

The most difficult thing since I arrived here has been being able to seize opportunities and deal with competition. I realised that most of my peers already had either some work experience in a professional environment such as a radio station, or an extensive portfolio of photography work. When I came to uni, I had none of that, so putting myself forward for placements and opportunities has been really hard. I'm trying to overcome this working on my confidence and by creating as much as possible. 

Since then I have come such a long way, taking part in so many great student projects. One of the coolest achievements has definitely been putting together “FADE”, a two-week pop-up radio station. We managed to achieve incredible things, such as collaborating with the BBC West Midlands network and interviewing Maisie Williams, from Game of Thrones!

To me, ‘I AM BCU’ means your passion is worth a shot. There are so many creative opportunities available to you as a student here."

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