Craig Hambleton

Graphic Communication - BA (Hons)

After quitting university and moving back home, Craig felt at rock bottom. He was no longer enjoying his course and was having to deal with a number of family issues outside of his studies. Craig has since enrolled back at BCU to continue his journey with a fresh start on a new course.

Returning to university to study Graphic Communications has to be my biggest accomplishment. After moving back home, I managed to get a part time job which gave me the determination to give higher education another go. I chose to study at BCU because I personally feel there are a lot more artistic courses on offer, especially in comparison to other universities In Birmingham. As a student trying to make it in the creative field, I value the hands-on learning approach.

My aim is to gain all the necessary skills to secure a job in the design industry and I now feel closer to my goals than ever before. Creativity is key, I am really trying to focus on producing great content – a portfolio that will help me to break into the industry after I graduate.

The School of Visual Communication is like one big family, the space alone is motivational and has driven me to engage a lot more with the course. Inspiration comes from all angles, I recently went on a trip to the Design Museum in London – this was really good. I have found the lecturers to be very helpful and I feel like over time we have become friends. My highlight on the course so far is taking part in numerous art competitions, this is a great opportunity to network with industry and take part in live briefs. 

I have definitely matured since the last time I was at university, I have improved the way I handle situations both on my course and in my general day to day life. Being a part of BCU community means you never need to feel alone; you always have a great support system ready to help!