Money Management

Has your student loan not arrived?

If you haven't received your first student loan payment because you've applied to Student Finance England or NHS Bursaries but your assessment has not been completed, you may be eligible for emergency funding.

Access to Learning Funds may be used to offer emergency Short-Term Loans to eligible students who have not yet received their loan instalment through no fault of their own.

Short-Term Loans are cash payments at a set rate to help with essential expenditure while you're waiting for funding to come through. The initial loan will cover up to three weeks and you may request a further loan if your funding has still not arrived by the end of this period.

You must be enrolled with Birmingham City University for the relevant academic year before any emergency funding can be paid.

Before you apply

1) Try to find out the progress of your application and when your funding might arrive by:

  • Calling Student Finance England on 0845 300 50 90
  • Monitoring your application’s progress online with Student Finance England
  • Calling your LEA (continuing students only)
  • Calling the NHS Grants Unit on 0845 358 6655 (if your NHS bursary is delayed)

2) Visit your bank in person to explain your situation and ask if they will give you a short-term overdraft/loan until your student loan arrives. Take along your University ID card showing that you have registered with the University and some evidence that you have applied for a loan. Make sure you have applied for a Student Account – this gives you access to an interest-free overdraft facility.

How to apply for a Short-Term Loan

  • Attend a Student Services Help Zone drop-in at City North Campus and request a Short-Term Loan application form
  • Complete and sign the form, including taking it to your bank to be authenticated
  • Collect the documentary evidence required
  • Bring the application form and documentary evidence to a Student Services drop-in

Repayment of loans

All emergency loans are repayable and must be repaid within 10 days of receiving the first instalment of your student loan/NHS bursary or when you leave the course, whichever is earlier.

Unpaid emergency loans

All outstanding emergency loans will automatically be deducted from any Access to Learning Fund grant that you are awarded during the academic year.