Dr Emma Bridger

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Senior Research Fellow in Psychology

School of Social Sciences
+44 (0)121 331 6580

Emma is an established researcher whose PhD and early post-doctoral work focused on cognitive electrophysiology. Since joining Birmingham City University in 2014, she has extended her published work to the behavioural sciences, with a particular interest in the intersection between cognitive processes and abilities, the social environment and psychological well-being.

Emma completed her undergraduate studies (BSc in Psychology) and PhD in cognitive electrophysiology of memory at Cardiff University before taking a postdoctoral position at the Experimental Neuropsychology Unit at Saarland University, Germany in 2010.

After four years teaching and researching as an experimental neuropsychologist, Emma completed further studies in Behavioural Science at the University of Stirling to expand her expertise beyond the laboratory and across a range of psychological areas from specific cognitive processes such as memory attribution and decision-making to socially-patterned health outcomes. She is particularly interested in areas where the two interrelate and might help inform how cognitive processes and social circumstances interact to impact on wellbeing.

Emma is currently co-lead of the Applied Cognition and Technology cluster and Chair of the Department Research Ethics Committee. She is also a member of the Inequalities and Health & Wellbeing Research Clusters.

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