The Creative Business

Our Expertise - Creative

Antonia Beck, Independent Artist

Dr Jacob Salder, Research Fellow, Centre for Enterprise, Innovation and Growth


This project is funded through an award from The National Academics and Creatives Exchange. The Exchange is a two year pilot project bringing together artists, creative SMEs and early career researchers to enrich the ecology between the creative industries and academia.

Aim of research

This project—‘The Creative Business: Enhancing business practice in the arts-based creative industries’—will look at business practice in this sector, focusing on arts/performance-based creative industries (ABCIs) and examine this against orthodox understandings. They will consider how applicable these understandings are to ABCIs and how they can be refined to support business development in this sector. 


The project will produce key outputs in the shape of intensive guidance for a set of ABCIs alongside creating an analysis and support framework specific to this sub-sector, enabling creatives to develop their businesses.