Individualised Patient Care

Case Study - Individualised patient care from the cancer patient’s point of view

Lucy Land, Professor of Nursing, Centre for Social Care, Health and Related Research (C-SCHaRR)


This cancer patient care study (2012-2013) was part of a larger research project (Individualised Care Project, 2010-2015) which aimed to identify and examine the nurse, patient and organisational factors associated with the provision of individualised care.

Aim of research

This research aimed to:

  • examine the ways in which the organisation and delivery of individualised health care services contributes to improved patient outcomes
  • explore the ways in which the organisation and delivery of individualised health care services contributes to improved job satisfaction among nurses 
Method of research

The concept of individualised care is multidimensional, and as such this study employed multiple methodologies in order to measure different aspects. The objective of this phase of the study was to examine the relationships between hospitalised cancer patients' characteristics (their age, education, etc.), and their perception of individualised patient-centred nursing care (as well as their trust in nurses) in six different countries - Finland, Cyprus, UK, Greece, Sweden and the USA.

Data was collected from 30 patients in a pilot phase in the UK and each of the other countries (N=180). This was then followed by a main survey of 150 patients in the UK and the other countries (N=900), which used validated, self-administered questionnaires, the responses to which were later statistically analysed.


The project provided information that can be applied in the development of nursing to promote more individually tailored care to increase positive patient outcomes.