Applying Quaker values to Working Relations in the 21st Century

Cadbury workers


John Kimberley


Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Business and Resource Management John Kimberley is researching the ways that Quaker values could be applied to the way that we work in the 21st century.  John’s research is building on his previous study on the Cadbury Company which is renowned for its progressive working environment and values, with the help of a BLSS Small Development Grant.

These values were laid out by the original Cadbury family over a century ago which implemented respectful and considerate working relationships for every worker. The Cadbury family were devout Quakers so this had a big impact on the way that they treated their employees from their Quaker values.

Since the recession of 2008 – 2009 there has been an increased interest in the behaviour of companies, particularly in Quaker companies due to their good reputation in business practise, and these insights are at the forefront of John’s research.


This research aims to:

  • Discover how Quaker companies operate differently to non-Quaker companies
  • Reach a conclusion as to how Quaker values can be adapted to modern working relations
  • Find out more about the way that companies behave
  • Explore ways in which 21st century working relations can be improved.


This research study will give business owners an insight in to the way that they can improve relations with their workers to create a fair and respectful setting to work in. It will also improve our knowledge of the way that companies behave and treat their employees in a comparison of Quaker and non-Quaker companies.