Martin Fautley

Professor of Education

School of Education and Social Work
0121 331 7718

Professor Martin Fautley has a wealth of experience in music education, both in terms of pedagogy, and of music education research. After enjoying many years as a classroom music teacher, he then undertook full-time Doctoral research working across the education and music faculties at Cambridge University, investigating teaching, learning, and assessment of classroom music making, with a focus on composing as a classroom activity.

He is widely known for his work on researching assessment in the classroom, but also researches understandings of musical learning and progression (especially in the novice stages. The long-standing Listen Imagine Compose (LIC) research project is an important part of his work, and he continues to be fascinated by the various ways in which composing music is taught and learned in schools. This LIC work has led to him developing a Masters qualification in this important area.

He has a particular interest in WCET as an inclusive music learning activity, and is also interested in researching barriers to music teaching, learning and participation for pupils with additional needs. His work with OHMI, the One-Handed Music Instrument Trust, has led to a number of significant research and pedagogic outcomes.

Professor Fautley is the author of a number of books, including “Assessment in Music Education”, published by Oxford University Press. He has written and published many journal articles, book chapters, and academic research papers on a range of aspects of teaching and learning, and regularly presents the fruits of his researches at international conferences. He is co-editor of the British Journal of Music Education.

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