Critical Artistic Thinking in Design (CATiD)

Research at the CATiD Hub explores design theory and design teaching and its impact on other disciplines in relation to the creation of the kind of quality environments that are now expected by society. The lead researcher is Professor Kathryn Moore.

Moore's book, 'Overlooking the Visual, Demystifying the Art of Design' (2010) has generated considerable interest and is being used by academics and in studios across the world to teach more effectively. Offering an entirely new way of conceptualising perception, the main premise of OTV is to suggest that rather than recognising the intelligence of perception, we should see that perception is intelligence. This radical move enables a discourse to develop that cuts across the divides habitually made between facts and values, nature and culture, art and science, language and emotions. It fundamentally redefines the nature of design expertise, together with artistic and aesthetic sensibility.

Ongoing research undertaken through the CATiD hub explores just how deeply this radical approach can impact on other disciplines in order to effect real, material change in the creation of the kind of quality environments now expected by society.