Centre for Design and Creative Industries

The Centre for Design and Creative Industries is a well-established, interdisciplinary research centre that encompasses a broad range of creative design practices and innovation and external engagement activities.

Whilst we undertake work within the traditional design groupings of architecture, fashion and textiles, jewellery, product design and visual communication, the combination of disciplines housed in the Centre provides an opportunity to build genuinely interdisciplinary design research that addresses complex and emerging themes and challenges.


The School of Jewellery is a vibrant, burgeoning research community with more than a dozen members of staff actively pursuing a wide variety of research interests. Our research focuses on the advancement of scholarship, creative innovation and applied professional practice in the subject areas of jewellery, silversmithing and related creative activity.

The capacity of our staff to merge tradition, artistry and technique (and to creatively combine the virtual, digital and tangible) confers upon the School its unique character, and cements its place at the leading-edge of contemporary jewellery education and research.

We explore the boundaries at the interface between materials, technology and application, acknowledging the requirement to blend craft and technology, and the need to position people, ideas and self-expression at the centre of our work. School staff are embedded fundamentally in the overlapping activities of thinking, practice and engagement, both developing their rigour and esteem as academics and educators, and demonstrating their expertise as practitioners and artists.

As an international hub, we are at the heart of the most vibrant, diverse and ambitious research and professional practice activities in the subject area. Our extensive connections include both national and international galleries and museums, professional organisations, artists, makers and curators, academics and research fellows, and exchange and overseas students.

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We are eager to support and supervise PhD study in the following core areas (please click links for further details)