Flexible Air Pressurisation Systems

Engine downsizing coupled with a form of air pressure charging is considered a major potential route towards CO2 reduction. Birmingham City University’s Centre for Low Carbon Research is currently involved in a number of projects in which these challenges are explored.

One such project is exploring the use of electrically assisted decoupled turbocharger systems that work by implementing a fully electric (instead of mechanical) connection between the turbine and compressor and including an intermediate energy storage buffer. The use of high-efficiency electrical machines plus the energy storage buffer within a fully flexible control environment means that such a system can potentially offer:

  • Transient performance improvements
  • Turbocompounding opportunities
  • Low speed boost enhancement (particulate burn off and torque gains)
  • Aerodynamic blade re-optimisation

Birmingham City University are proud to work in partnership with Aeristech, one of the UK’s leading hybrid turbo charging organisations.