Design - Fashion and Textiles Research Group

The FTRG brings together practice and theoretical research in the field of fashion and textiles. This is a broad area of study that embraces many subject disciplines. At its heart is the exploration and understanding of a complex and significant aspect of human experience.

By sharing ideas and findings, as well as through joint projects and networking with other research organisations, we aim to uncover underlying themes and trends.

The group covers a range of research interests including the psychology of fashion, fashion identity, fashion retail, historical costume, textiles, sustainability, use of digital media and costume design.

Current research projects

Current projects include:

  • Politics and power of fashion
  • Fashion’s relation to the body
  • Fashion ownership and sustainability
  • Costume design and its relationship to fashion
  • Sportswear design in China
  • Use of digital media in teaching
  • Collaborative consumption in fashion
  • Photography and textiles
Current research students

Joanna Jarvis (PhD), Fashion, Footwork and Fantasy: the relationship between fashion, costume for ballet, and body image in the late 18th century - London and Paris 1760-1793
(Supervisor: Anne Boultwood and Sue May)

Jasbir Bangar (PhD), Indian Fashion Cities 1985-2010 (Supervisor: Colin Gale)

Meng Hua (Monique) Lee (PhD), Design and Innovation in Contemporary Chinese Sportswear (Supervisors: Colin Gale and Jasbir Kaur)

Delia Skinner (PhD), “Re-Imagined Memories”: where emotional intelligence acts as a catalyst for creativity in the context of the interior design process (Supervisors: Anne Boultwood and Bob Jerrard)

Rachel Vieira (MPhil), The Relationship between ‘Collaborative Consumption’ and Youth Fashion with particular reference to the Portuguese Youth Market (Supervisor: Colin Gale and Sue May)

Ting Zhao (PhD), Contemporary Fashion Illustration in China and its Application in the Chinese Fashion Market: with Special Reference to Chinese Elements (Supervisor: Colin Gale and Anne Boultwood)