Student opportunities

The City of Pittsburgh offers University of Pittsburgh students unique and lasting opportunities to enjoy and benefit from its lively downtown, its diverse neighbourhoods and its growing economy. Truly, the city is an extension of the Pittsburgh campus. Cultural organisations all over the city now have the message that Pitt students are becoming a significant force in the broader cultural life of the city.

The School of Nursing in Pittsburg is in the top 10 graduate schools in the USA.

The aim of the visit is to develop knowledge and an understanding of nursing while encompassing the role of a nurse from an international perspective. A selection of students from PITT visit Birmingham City University, allowing them to explore the four fields of nursing, attend clinical visits and teaching/lessons with a possibility of exploring Birmingham. The exchange will also be an ideal opportunity for the PITT students to learn about the health care system in the UK and nurse education.

A select number of Birmingham City University students will visit PITT for two weeks. Last year's clinical focus was on transplantation and an opportunity to learn more about research. This is a clinical visit, there will be no hands-on nursing care.

Selection criteria

  • Level 4 theory and practice must have been completed at the first attempt
  • The average mark for year 1 must be greater than 55%
  • You must be prepared to act as hosts and/or support the visiting students
  • Willing to share information about the visit
  • Member of RCN / Unison (personal indemnity insurance)
  • Able to obtain a visa for USA
  • Some funding available, however this will not cover all the costs.

Student quotes

"This is a lifetime opportunity to experience a new environment, new teaching styles and new learning techniques, which will provide me with a greater depth of knowledge in this field."

"The UK has seen an increase in private health care of late. It would be interesting to see how the US practises with such a rigidly private health system, while seeing their attempts to become more available to the uninsured by increasing free health care."

"I hope to gain a greater understanding of how privatised health care works. I am interested in the increasing privatisation of the NHS in England.'"

"Pittsburgh University is a leader in this field of research."

"See how the responsibilities of a registered nurse differs from the UK."

"I believe the care I deliver will be improved through shared knowledge and experience."

"It would be fascinating to see and learn about the internationally renowned transplant facility."

"The opportunity to help me reach my goal of becoming a well-rounded paediatric nurse."

"Experience the high quality of teaching, as Pittsburgh University is known to be one of the best in the US."