Peter Jennings

Peter is the lead for Type 1 Diabetes on the MSc in Advancing Diabetes Care at Birmingham City University (BCU). He also holds an honorary contract as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse at the University Hospitals of Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

He regularly provides webinars and lectures at national and international meetings for diabetes-related industries and charities to support healthcare professionals learning about diabetes.

Peter has published widely on diabetes technologies. He is currently collaborating on an international research project exploring how much time is needed to initiate insulin pump therapy in adults with type 1 diabetes. Pete is also the lead investigator on a UK based project to develop a diabetes consultation toolkit for healthcare professionals.

Peter has a special interest in hybrid-closed loop systems. He organises to help healthcare professionals learn about looping to gain insight into Do-It-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Systems developed by people with diabetes.

He was born in the USA. He studied Nursing and Psychology at the University of Michigan. He has lived and worked in healthcare and education in the USA, Colombia, Australia and England.

He moved to England from the USA in 1999. Initially, he worked to educate health care professionals about insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring and then as European Regional Manager for MiniMed.

In 2002, Peter joined the NHS as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse and trained as a DAFNE educator. In 2003 he became a part-time lecturer on the Graduate Entry Medicine Course at the University of Nottingham where he completed his PhD in Education in 2013.

Peter has also worked at the University of Warwick Medical School on the Certificate in Diabetes Care (CIDC) Course and was Assistant Course Director on the Diabetes MSc. In 2017, he joined Nottingham Trent University to teach the MA in Public Health, Undergraduate Nursing and Health and Social Care courses. Peter worked as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust until 2021.

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